New all-in-one wrap kits
Build, wrap, enjoy!
Safeway® Farms—Fresh from our farmers to your family

With Safeway Farms, you can enjoy farm-to-table quality in every bite. We work closely with our growers to make sure every ingredient is always fresh, delicious and grown to the highest standards.

Try our new Tortilla Wrap Kits:
• So convenient, complete with lettuce, toppings, sauce and 2 tortillas
• Hearty, satisfying and delicious
• All under 300 calories

Try all varieties
Chicken Caesar Tortilla Wrap Kit

Chicken Caesar

Greens: Romaine lettuce

Toppings: Sun-dried tomatoes, carrots, red cabbage

Meat: White Chicken

Sauce: Garlic and
Parmesan cheese sauce

Tortilla: Garlic and herb

Thai Peanut Tortilla Wrap Kit

Thai Peanut

Greens: Iceberg lettuce
and cabbage mix

Toppings: Fire roasted
edamame, celery, carrots,
red cabbage

Meat: White Chicken

Sauce: Sweet Thai peanut

Tortilla: Sesame seed

Buffalo Style Chicken Tortilla Wrap Kit

Buffalo Style Chicken

Greens: Iceberg lettuce

Toppings: Fire roasted
corn, mild Cheddar cheese, carrots, celery

Meat: White Chicken

Sauce: Spicy buffalo sauce

Tortilla: Chili and onion

Turkey Avocado Ranch Tortilla Wrap Kit

Turkey Avocado Ranch

Greens: Iceberg lettuce

Toppings: Black olives,
Monterey Jack Colby
cheese, carrots, red

Meat: Roasted seasoned
white turkey

Sauce: Avocado ranch

Tortilla: Chia seed

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