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New! My Card & My List


My Card - See all digital coupons and personalized deals you've added to your card.


Gas Reward Points Summary - View Reward Points, Rewards available and those ready to expire this month.


My List (formerly Savings List) - You choose which coupons and deals from My Card you want to appear on your list. My List is your shopping list.


Add offers from My Card to My List
Make sure the check box is selected for items you want to add to My List, then click the "Add Offers to My List" button. For items you don't want to appear on My List, simply uncheck those items.

Include all offers added to My Card
to My List automatically

Visit the Coupon Center or Personalized Deals section and change the "Select Preferences" drop down menu from "Add Offers to My Card" to "Add Offers to My Card and My List."

Print your shopping list
First, add offers from My Card to My List. Add any of your own items. Then click the "Print" button.


View My Card Now

New. My Card and My List.