Marcela Valladolid, Real Mexican Food
Introducing Marcela Valladolid

I'm passionate about holding on to my heritage and sharing it with family and friends. That's why I've partnered with Safeway - to bring you my favorite Mexican foods and flavors, rooted in tradition, but made easier for our busy lives.

As a child, I lived for the comforting smells of warm corn tortillas and charred poblanos that filled my mother's kitchen, and the mouth-watering carnitas and tacos al pastor that we'd savor at our favorite market stalls.

Now you can prepare a variety of real Mexican meals whenever you want. These items are incredibly versatile and always delicious. I am excited to share a real taste of Mexico with you!

Born in San Diego and raised in Mexico, Marcela Valladolid is an accomplished chef, cookbook author, TV host and mom to son Fausto-her biggest inspiration for keeping tradition alive.
Marcela Valladolid Products

  • Ready-to-Cook Meats

    Choose chicken, pork or steak to quick-start your next easy and delicious Mexican meal. Pair with Marcela Valladolid tortillas to create authentic tacos, quesadillas and more.

  • Flavorful Chips

    Enjoy a real taste of Mexico with crunchy tortilla chips and bold and flavorful flaquitos. Perfect as a snack or paired with salsa, guacamole and other dips.

  • Delicious Tortillas*

    Enjoy the delicious taste of corn and flour tortillas. Pair with Marcela Valladolid Ready-to-Cook meats for quick, tasty tacos and more.

Use our Store Locator to find Marcela Valladolid ready-to-cook meats, tortillas, snacks and more!

*Tortillas not available in HI/AK.

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