Open Nature - Our Story

The OPEN NATURE™ promise:
We believe ingredients should come from nature.
We believe food should be made only with ingredients we are proud to share.
We believe food should be simply prepared, the way you'd make it at home.
We believe food should be made with a commitment to quality.
Our Standards
When it comes to food, you've got high standards. That's why 100% natural Open Nature food was made for you. We select the best quality ingredients that nature offers and let the delicious taste shine through. We keep the ingredients and recipes simple, and we don't use any of the artificial ingredients listed here in any of our products—ever. We want you to feel confident that when you choose Open Nature, you'll be getting food that's simple, real and delicious.
Our Ingredients
Nature has nothing to hide and neither should your food. That's why we created this glossary of natural ingredients you'll find in our products. Some may be new to you, so we've provided descriptions of how the ingredient is used and what it's derived from. For instance, our products are only vitamin-fortified if a natural source of that vitamin can be found. We're proud of what's in our food and want you to trust that the food you eat is real.