get to know your grilling tools
A. Wide spatula, long-handled tongs and fork for turning (plus an extra pair of tongs for moving briquets when using charcoal)
B. Brush for basting meats
C. Heatproof silicone brush for oiling grill
D. Stiff wire brush for cleaning grill
E. Bamboo or metal skewers for kabob recipes
F. Grill skillet, sheet or basket for cooking small pieces of vegetables
G. Charcoal Chimney to make firing up charcoal easier
Heavy aluminum foil for cooking certain foods on the grill
Heavy plastic zip-top bags for marinating
Drip pans for catching juices and fat while cooking over indirect charcoal heat
Instant-read meat thermometer for making sure thick cuts of meat are cooked to correct doneness
Spray bottle full of water for dousing flare-ups when cooking over charcoal