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Mad Dogs. Mad dogs were my favorite kid food, and they're fun to make. Good quality hot dogs are slit open, stuffed with cheese, and wrapped with a slice of bacon. They're great with or without a bun, and you can try them with ketchup, mustard and onions.
best care and nutrition. With Priority Total Pet Care, you'll find food, treats and supplies, all at a great value. Our new line of affordable, natural nutrition for dogs and cats offers: • Grain free varieties for sensitive stomachs • No artificial ingredients • Protein to
Gourmet Dog Biscuits. Dogs go crazy for these biscuits. When my dogs smell them cooking they know that it will soon be time for treats! You can use any type of meat broth in them, or just use water if broth isn't on hand.
Diabetic Dog Treats. If you have a diabetic dog like we do, then you know it is hard to find a treat that will do no harm. This is one of those treats. It is easy to fix, and even dogs without diabetes will enjoy them.
Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Biscuits. Crisp and crunchy, these easy-to-make, rolled, cut-out dog cookies combine peanut butter, honey, and an egg with whole wheat flour and wheat germ.
Liver Lickers Dog Treats. A wonderful blend of your dog's favorite tastes all in one treat!
Hot Dog Bar with the Works. Enjoy this all-American favorite at your next picnic or barbecue. Do it up right and lay out a full condiment bar and let everyone make their own 'hot dog with the works' creation.
Dog Treats II. If your doggy has been very good lately, here's a recipe for him/her! I'm sure your dog will love them! If you want to make more, you can double or triple this recipe. If you don't have some of the ingredients, just replace them with something like peanut butter or honey
Dog Treats I. Cut-out dog biscuits with rolled oats, cornmeal and cheddar cheese. You can change the flavor of these by substituting chicken bouillon for the beef.
Dog Biscuits I. This is a nutritious and tasty treat that any dog is sure to love. You may even want to try one yourself.
Chili Dog Casserole I. My cousin Donna made up this recipe several years ago and it's one my children love. It's like eating a chili dog, but with a fork.
New York System Hot Wiener Sauce I. This hearty, flavorful wiener sauce is like the kind you'll find in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. It may be frozen until ready for use. Use premium grilled wieners cooked in butter, steamed hot dog buns and the fancy mustard of your choice. Spread
Good Dog Cookies. A gift idea your canine friends will beg for!
Corn Dog Muffins. A quick, easy way to recreate a fun, family favorite from the state fair.
Chili Dog Casserole II. Beef franks, chili and beans, tortillas and Cheddar cheese form the layers of this deceptively simple and unnusual casserole.
Burger or Hot Dog Buns. These yeast buns will lend a gourmet touch to your next barbecue -everyone will want to know where on Earth you bought them!
Drunk Dogs. Cocktail wieners or cut up hot dogs are lovingly simmered in a sweet, tangy mixture for an hour to create bite sized flavor extravaganzas! Use a rich, tangy ketchup for the fullest taste bud experience.
Corn Dogs. Hot dogs are skewered on sticks, dipped in corn batter, and then fried to a golden brown.
A Plus Fair Corn Dogs. Make your own corn dogs just like at the fair with this rich buttermilk corn batter.
Vegetarian Sandwich Spread. Vegetarian hot dogs are mashed and combined with pickle relish, onion and mayonnaise to make a sandwich spread that's great for picnics, or any occasion.
Pigs in a Blanket. Hot dogs, wrapped in melted cheese and tucked into browned biscuits
Open Nature™ Smoked Andouille with Blush Wine Slaw. A refreshing update to an old standby. Serve this instead of hot dogs at your next cookout.
Firehouse Clam Bake New England Style. A traditional New England clam bake that will feed a small army! You will have to plan ahead for this one. Lobsters, clams, mussels, potatoes, fish, corn, hot dogs, sausage, and onions all baked/steamed together in layers, in a hole you dig on
Black Pepper Ketchup. Make this sweet and spicy ketchup to serve as a special condiment with your next round of French fries or burgers and hot dogs.
Balsamic Glazed Grilled Onions. These sweet, tangy onions are great on burgers and hot dogs, in sandwiches, or as a side dish with grilled meats.
Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs. It 's franks-and-beans ...minus the beans! Slow-cooked brown sugar and bacon give these dogs a sweet and filling flavor.
Vons - product recalls - us. Search Product Recalls - US our commitment At Safeway there is nothing more important to us than the safety of our customers. As part of our commitment to food safety, we strive to alert our customers and/or provide information about potentially unsafe,
Vons - good to know frozen foods. Search In Nutrition Related Links (Menu) Nutrition Guide nutrition information Frozen Entrees Serve up a nutritious meal in minutes when time is tight. Consider low-fat varieties most often. Options with whole grains and vegetables help
Vons - Nutrition Guide - Pantry Staples. Search In Nutrition Related Links (Menu) Nutrition Guide nutrition information Canned Beans In soups, burritos or on the side, convenient canned beans are high in protein and fiber—and often fat-free. Many varieties also supply
does it mean when a food is labeled "organic?" Answer: Simply put, the term "organic" refers to the way foods are grown, handled and processed. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires that both farms where the food is grown and companies that process or handle organic foods
stores to Giant Food Stores, LLC, a division of Ahold USA. Safeway also announced it planned to close three Genuardi’s stores and sell the remaining eight stores. September 1999 - Randall's Food Markets, Inc. is a leading food and drug retailer operating under the Randall's and Tom
and the flow and composition of saliva. Also important are healthy habits such as getting regular dental check ups, brushing at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, flossing once a day to remove plaque and food particles from between teeth and under the gum line, and eating
I'm busy so I often hit the fast food drive through for lunch. What are some nutritious choices? Answer: With today's jam–packed schedules, many people are looking for better–for–them food—fast! And fast food restaurants are offering a growing number of options that fit the
disease. It is possible for a product with 0 grams trans fat per serving to be made with ingredients that contain trans fat. Here’s why: If a product contains less than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving—a very small amount—food companies are allowed to list the amount as
SimpleNutrition meant to replace reading the Nutrition Fact panel? No. SimpleNutrition complements the Nutrition Facts panel; it is not a replacement. The SimpleNutrition tags can help guide you towards better food choices, but for complete nutrition information about a food, we
ingredient must be a whole grain. Good Source of Fiber ≥ 10% Daily Value of Fiber. Low Sodium ≤ 140mg Sodium per serving for individual foods. ≤ 140mg Sodium per 100g for meals and main dishes. Sodium Smart ≤ 480 mg Sodium per serving for individual foods; ≤ 600mg
Vons - O Organics About. Search Eating organic food just makes sense. We believe that great tasting organic food should be available to everyone and sold everywhere at a great value. Welcome to O Organics™ - a new line of over 300 certified organic products available in almost every
of Agriculture (USDA)/US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM), food labeling guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and USDA, and current available nutrition science. Here's how it works: Generally, individual products
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of real-estate development subsidiary Property Development Centers, LLC ("PDC") comprised of its shopping center portfolio including certain related Safeway stores, and 2. The monetization of its 49% equity interest in Mexico-based food and general merchandise retailer Casa Ley,
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can be an enjoyable part of a healthful eating plan. Choose cookies, crackers, bars, chips and pretzels that contain whole grains. Nuts contain mostly good fats. Popcorn is a whole-grain food with fiber. Avoid oversized portions to keep a lid on calories and fat. This is not medical
Pear or Apple Pear Banana in 4 oz jars. Baby Food Stage 2 Vegetables Made in California and crafted just like you would - these delicious flavors are pureed from fresh ingredients and love. Available in Carrot, Mixed Vegetables, Peas or Sweet Potato in 4 oz jars. Baby Food Stage
they have entered into agreements, subject to approval by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), to sell 168 stores across eight states to four buyers: • Associated Food Stores (AFS) will purchase eight stores in Montana
half & half. Nutritionist Experts Our Nutrition Experts are registered dietitians who hold master's degrees and are members of the American Dietetic Association and several specialty nutrition groups. They combine over 40 years experience in food and nutrition science, communications
popped on the stovetop in a little vegetable oil. Jazz up popcorn with spices or a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. Bonus: popcorn is a whole-grain food and a good source of fiber, too! Quick Links Services & Programs Company Info About This Site     Check out our Sign-up for
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Vons - SimpleNutrition - Money Saving Tips Budget. Search In Money Saving Tips Related Links (Menu) Budget-Friendly Foods Using your noodle trims cost! Everybody loves pasta—and it’s a budget-pleaser, too! Pasta is a nutritious family favorite. Toss it with more expensive
away from SimpleNutrition tips and tools right here on our Web site. These tips are delicious, nutritious and easy on the wallet, too. Find out the health benefits of popular foods, category by category. We registered dietitians write articles, and about the latest food and nutrition
Put your freezer to work! The freezer can be a frugalista’s best friend. Stock up on good deals for your family’s favorite freezable foods like meats, poultry, breads, bagels and nuts (wrap securely before storing in the deep freeze). Skip takeout—freeze batches of soup and
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