Holiday Turkeys

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Exclusive 2 Hour Turkey Recipe

Want a foolproof turkey recipe that’s simple, easy and delicious? Watch this video demonstration of how to prepare and cook a whole turkey in just 2 hours. All you need to get started are a few simple ingredients and tools.

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Tip: Frozen Turkey

If frozen is your forte, the first step to prep is to defrost your turkey. Never defrost it at room temp as bacteria can spread. Instead, defrost it in its original wrapper, breast side up, in the refrigerator. Allot 24 hours for every five pounds of turkey.

Tip: Stuffing

Stuffing a turkey may be delicious, but it increases cooking time and poses a potential health risk. Either stuff it with fully cooked ingredients right before it enters the oven, or try our 2 hour turkey recipe and cook your stuffing on the side.


How Long Will Leftovers Last?
Cooked turkey: 3-4 days, refrigerated Stuffing and gravy: 1-2 days, refrigerated
Other cooked sides: 3-4 days, refrigerated

Hoak Farm is a quaint, family farm with chickens, cows, pigs and other typical farm animals. But every year, unusually fast running wild turkeys visit the farm. We sent our documentary crew over to spend the day with the Hoak family and their farmhand, Austin, to see if we could get a glimpse of these fast turkeys in action. And we did!