Answers to your Covid-19 (Coronavirus) questions

How can I find out the status of the order I’ve placed?

Please visit to enter an online order status request. Thank you in advance for your patience at this time; Customer Support will respond to your request as soon as possible.

I’ve been unable to schedule a Delivery/Pickup order, there doesn’t seem to be any availability at all. When will I be able to schedule an online order?

Placing an online order may be extremely limited or currently unavailable due to high demand at this time. We recommend that you check availability and schedule a time before you start shopping or adding items to your Cart.

How much inventory do you have right now?

Our stores are working very hard to maintain in-stock conditions for all items. We ask for your patience since customer demand has been unusually high and many items have been selling out quickly.

We’ve also instituted item limits for online orders (maximum quantity of 10 per item). We also ask you to respect in-store item quantity restrictions so all our customers have a chance to purchase the items they need.

While our supply chains have experienced no disruptions, many manufacturers have experienced increased sales and their item inventory is extremely low. In addition, some manufacturers have eliminated production of certain items to focus production on high-demand items. Please be assured that as products become available we’ll be bringing them into stores and making them available for online purchase.

Also, certain products such as alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and other age-restricted items are not available for delivery or pick up at this time. When you place an online order, we’ll attempt to fulfill it completely with your selected products or acceptable substitutions. Out of stock items may occur based on product availability, and you will not be charged for any missing items.

I can’t seem to make edits to the order I’ve placed. Why is that?

Due to high demand, orders are final at checkout. Once placed orders can no longer be edited, only cancelled.

If I can’t find certain items in my store or online for Delivery/Pick Up, is there another way I can order groceries?

Yes! You can visit There you’ll find high-quality groceries for your pantry and fridge including cured fish and meats, soups, pasta, rice, canned/prepared foods, water, coffee, meal kits, snack foods, dairy products, and so much more. In addition, we also carry health and beauty products, household supplies, baby care products, and pet supplies. Many of these items come in bulk and can be securely shipped anywhere in the country. All deliveries are made through national carriers, and all drivers are following their companies’ social distancing instructions.

What steps are you taking in your grocery stores to keep customers safe?

The health and well-being of both our customers and employees is our #1 priority. And maintaining your trust is a responsibility we take very seriously. To that end we’ve instituted a number of steps to ensure your health and safety as directed by our CEO, Vivek Sankaran. To learn more about the details please visit: And for more details on what steps Albertsons Companies are taking in all stores across the country to help you get through Covid-19 please visit:

What steps are you taking to insure contact free Delivery/Pick Up?

We’ve created “Contact Free” procedures for our team, and we’ve changed our signature processes so that our delivery drivers can sign for you during delivery/pick up if needed. Our drivers can also bring delivery orders into your home, if needed, but will ask you to keep a distance of six feet when doing so. Our third-party delivery drivers have been instructed by their companies not to carry groceries inside your home.

Have your store hours changed? Do you have special “Seniors Only” shopping times?

Yes, some of our stores have adjusted their hours to give our teams the time they need to for extra cleaning and to restock shelves. You can find your local store hours by clicking on “Your Store” at the top of the homepage. And yes, many stores have now set up “Seniors Only” shopping times on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 AM to 9 AM.

To find a store near you please visit:

If you have any other questions, need general store information, or would like to contact us please visit: